When Doing Good Does You Good

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Close to 70 individuals had the most amazing Christmas ever.  This is the result of volunteers doing what they do best, serving others.  It was the most wonderful time of the year, and 68 individuals were surprised and delighted to see the bright orange bags that held their Christmas gifts.  Gifts that were purchased by volunteers that took the time to go to the stores and select exactly what the individual hoped for.  In addition to the employees of the Arc of Midland, Taryn Kayden and Heidi Kohloff, ( Direct Support Professionals), Jessica Betz, Jacob Hare, Jennifer Richardson, Elsa Starmann and Debbie Rothe from the Environmental Tech Center at Dow took on the role of Santa’s helper during this Christmas season.

A group of young professionals from Dow’s Information Systems Rotation Program (ISRP) picked out paper, bows and tags, and individually wrapped each gift that was purchased for the people on our list.  These volunteers spent four hours wrapping gifts, while Christmas carols played in the background.

The people that we serve opened their gifts with big smiles, lots of laugh and conjoined holiday spirit as they knew someone cared enough to think about them at Christmas.
This year, the Christmas volunteers put their entire heart into the work they do, and it reflects in the smiles of the individuals that we serve!

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