5K Run


Tenth  Annual
The Arc Stroll, Roll & 5K Run/Walk
Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Chippewa Nature Center

New Revised Trail Route Map

Race Coordinator – Terry Keyser
Race Management & Timing - Miller Race Management

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Pictures of the 2014 day are included below. You may download and use if you wish. Thanks again for coming to the run.

All Pictures Courtesy of Stu Frohm

IMGP6530 IMGP6529 IMGP6528 IMGP6527 IMGP6526 IMGP6525 IMGP6524_2 IMGP6524 IMGP6520 IMGP6519 IMGP6518 IMGP6517 IMGP6515 IMGP6514 IMGP6513 IMGP6512 IMGP6511 IMGP6509 IMGP6508 IMGP6507 IMGP6505 IMGP6504 IMGP6502 IMGP6501 IMGP6500 IMGP6499 IMGP6498 IMGP6497 IMGP6496 IMGP6495 IMGP6494 IMGP6493 IMGP6492 IMGP6491 IMGP6490 IMGP6489 IMGP6488 IMGP6487 IMGP6486 IMGP6485 IMGP6484 IMGP6483 IMGP6482 IMGP6481 IMGP6480 IMGP6479 IMGP6478 IMGP6477 IMGP6476 IMGP6475 IMGP6474 IMGP6473 IMGP6472 IMGP6471 IMGP6470 IMGP6469 IMGP6468 IMGP6467 IMGP6466 IMGP6465 IMGP6464 IMGP6463 IMGP6462 IMGP6461 IMGP6460 IMGP6459 IMGP6458 IMGP6457 IMGP6456 IMGP6455 IMGP6454 IMGP6453 IMGP6452 IMGP6449 IMGP6448 IMGP6447 IMGP6446 IMGP6445 IMGP6444 IMGP6443 IMGP6442 IMGP6441 IMGP6440 IMGP6439 IMGP6438 IMGP6437 IMGP6436 IMGP6435 IMGP6434 IMGP6433 IMGP6432 IMGP6431 IMGP6430 IMGP6429 IMGP6428 IMGP6427 IMGP6426 IMGP6425 IMGP6424 IMGP6423 IMGP6422 IMGP6421 IMGP6420 IMGP6419 IMGP6418 IMGP6417 IMGP6416 IMGP6414 IMGP6413 IMGP6412 IMGP6411 IMGP6410 IMGP6409 IMGP6408 IMGP6407 IMGP6406 IMGP6405_2 IMGP6404 IMGP6403 IMGP6402 IMGP6401 IMGP6400 IMGP6399 IMGP6398 IMGP6397 IMGP6396 IMGP6395 IMGP6394 IMGP6393 IMGP6392 IMGP6391 IMGP6390 IMGP6389 IMGP6388 IMGP6387 IMGP6386 IMGP6385 IMGP6384 IMGP6383 IMGP6382 IMGP6381 IMGP6380 IMGP6379 IMGP6378 IMGP6377 IMGP6376 IMGP6375 IMGP6374 IMGP6373 IMGP6372 IMGP6371 IMGP6370 IMGP6369 IMGP6368 IMGP6367 IMGP6366 IMGP6365 IMGP6364 IMGP6362 IMGP6361 IMGP6360 IMGP6358 IMGP6357 IMGP6356 IMGP6355 IMGP6354 IMGP6353 IMGP6352 IMGP6351 IMGP6350 IMGP6349 IMGP6347 IMGP6346 IMGP6345 IMGP6344 IMGP6343 IMGP6342 IMGP6341 IMGP6340 IMGP6339 IMGP6337 IMGP6335 IMGP6334 IMGP6331 IMGP6330 IMGP6329 IMGP6328 IMGP6327 IMGP6326 IMGP6325 IMGP6324 IMGP6323 IMGP6322 IMGP6321 IMGP6320 IMGP6318 IMGP6317 IMGP6316 IMGP6315 IMGP6314 IMGP6313 IMGP6312 IMGP6311 IMGP6310 IMGP6308 IMGP6307 IMGP6306 IMGP6305 IMGP6304 IMGP6302 IMGP6298 IMGP6297 IMGP6295 IMGP6293 IMGP6292 IMGP6290 IMGP6288 IMGP6287 IMGP6286 IMGP6285 IMGP6284 IMGP6283

T-shirt orders as of May 21st cannot be guaranteed, but we will try to fill your requests.

If your t-shirt size is not available on the race day we will refund your $5

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